Photography as Wall Art

Primarily I sell decorative photography wall art by digital download or you may choose to use the custom print service.

Photographic Services

I am a new Christian that is kinda sorta new to photography for my age. I started off as a snap shooter in '05, caught the bug and bought a DSLR in '07 and soon started studying to get off auto for more control. I have been learning different shooting styles and conditions and I haven't really stopped learning since. I am not a people/portrait photographer per say... As I like candid and natural images, but now I am available for your photographic needs. I know my camera, how to search for light and examples of poses and styles... Now all I need are those that will allow me to put them to use with portrait, family and special events sessions.

Such as birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, adult and children's sporting or talent events, weddings, funerals or any moment worth capturing for generations to come. I mostly like to use natural light, however that is not always possible. I do have a off camera flash (not built in to the camera) that can be used for fill/additional light... I do not have the professional strobes that the studio guys have, just a single flash and a reflector if needed...
Maybe you want a fresh portrait of your kids or the whole family for the wall or send to your special loved ones that are not so close in distance. Or someone special is leaving for an extended period of time and you want something up to date to remember them...
Whatever the case may be, let me be the one to capture the moments for you.

Promotional Offer

I am doing a promotion to help the homeless and offering a huge discount for those that will bring a bag of varies canned goods, applesauce, pudding cups, trail mix, beef jerky (because it contains a ton of long-lasting protein) and new unopened items such as baby wipes, lip balm, lotion, sunscreen, travel coffee mugs, socks, bandanas, t-shirts and even band aids.. Help me help the less fortunate and forgotten...
Anything including alcohol, such as cologne, aftershave, hand sanitizer and mouthwash, should be left out. Usually softer snacks are preferred over the sticky and crunchy snacks due to dental issues. When you travel by foot, clean, warm socks are always a welcomed. Gift cards and travel coffee mugs are a great items too, and the recipient will receive a discount on refills. Please lets respect them and bring new items to them, so they will know we actually do care a little...
So bring a bag to the location and I will give you one hour of my time with up to 5 people in the photograph... We will seek out the best lighting on location and capture a few different poses. I will then process the images and when I am finished, usually within 48 to 72 hours, I will email you a site to see them... Then you can pick any one for a FREE download... If you see more than one you like, then they are only 10 dollars each after that.. The Free one is for your time and generosity. It, as with all of the images, will be full size and resolution after processing and cropping. A release will be given, so you can have them printed up at your favorite print shop.

Here you will find a variety of images.

I am not a web designer, so I have not figure out the search process for you to search for images.

The images vary in sizes depending on the crop.. To get a good idea of the sizes available, please go to the FineArt Images and click on an image and the sizes will be listed there, also you can get an idea how they would look framed, on canvas, metal, phone cases, pillows, tote bags and more.

FineArt Sales

This is where the images can be purchased as ready made art,

available through a 3rd party that does all the hard work for ya... You pick the size, type of prints, (posters, cards, phone cases, etc.), options of print material type (photo paper, canvas, metal, etc), with options of frame/mat, etc., and a guarantee of their quality of workmanship...

If you see an image here, but not on the digital download page or vice versa just drop me an email or use the contact form and I will see what I can do... If you see an image here, but not on the digital download page or vice versa just drop me an email or use the contact form and I will see what I can do...

Get in Touch

I am currently in Ormond Beach, Fl.

I am more of a photographic wall artist, as my experience with people and portraits are limited, but if you are willing to take a chance on a 52 year old male that is shy, has CRS, self-Acceptance and self-Confidence issues, that is finally allowing GOD to us those around me to be an overcomer, then please by all means contact me for your photographic needs...

I sincerely thank you for your generosity
comments welcomed


In my 52 years I have not and I pray I never have a need to take any handouts from the government... I don't like taking something stolen from another. I am asking for help, but you do have the right to say no, unlike with what the government does with your taxes...

I will humbly accept your generosity as this is my street corner and this page is my sign.
I am a wandering photoArtist, praying God is leading me on a path for His glory. A path not traveled by many, to be different than societies NORM...

I do have some photoArt for sale by digital download or through a custom print services too.
If I am in your area ( Ormond Beach, Fl. as of 6-3-15), I am also available for your photography needs.

Just for checking out this area I am offering you a Free Download via dropbox, a full size, full res image here.. It is something I have hit in many ways, not just physically, but metaphorically too... Your monetary gifts are greatly appreciated...Don’t have a dropbox account? Then please use this link to grab an account, it’s free, but by using this link I get a little more space by referring ya to Dropbox... Thanks

I am not a non profit, so these gifts are not tax deductible...

May the Living Father GOD above, Jehovah Bless you and yours...

I was asked recently for a mailing address. I do not have a real bank account, so cash or a money orders from Walmart or the Post Office are best if sending donations through mail:
Ted Petrovits
P.O. Box 3434
Deland, Fl. 32721