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Hey hey! Thanks for stopping in...

This is my little place, where I do my little thing... I am looking to place GOD Yahweh first and foremost in my life. I don’t know exactly how most times, but I don’t think I can continue the way I have been... I would have like to have started this so much sooner, but apparently I had ta go through a few things first... Now I have started to clean up my act, as they say...

It is better to start today fresh, than dwell on the past and wait for the same tomorrow... I know not many will get far on reading this and well that is ok with me. I do pray the Father in Heaven, GOD Yahweh will bless each and everyone that stops by, even if just passing through on your busy way...

This is who I was, this is where I am!!!

I was a sinner, as bad as could be... Even my own family disinherited me... My sister and her family being the only glue... If I’m not careful I may lose them too...

I am now a sinner that is justified by Christ Jesus. Struggling with the mental battles of the past and those that still wanna throw it in my face, however I am being sanctified more everyday and I will soon be Glorified in the end of this life... All by faith in Christ Jesus alone... AMEN!!!

In the past I was a drunkard and addict of many different kinds!
The Father GOD above, Yahweh is and has been working on the root of the problems within me... HE has already taken away the alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes. Now HE (Yahweh) is taking away the marijuana (UPDATE: as of 3-13-2015 I am 3 weeks without and counting, I will only update again if I slip) and HE (Yahweh) continues to work on my biggest issues, as I see them, of lust and anger... The root is still deep and dark, but GOD Yahweh has been working there for sometime too... But why is it I want to please HIM so much by being as sinless as possible, but in the flesh I must fight myself inside everyday to keep my eyes upon HIM...

GOD Yahweh, the Father in Heaven, brought photography into my live in 05 or so with a point and shoot camera and in 07 I got my first dslr, I have been learning, practicing and studying since... I pray HE will use it for a way for me to survive in life, equipment upkeep and for gifts to those in need I come across along the way.

I am walking away from most worldly things and I pray I will no longer have to work for corporate amerika anymore either. I have never taken anything from the government and never will. I have never believed in the welfare system, I wouldn’t mind if people used it for a hand up, but like so many government programs people learn ways to beat/corrupt and live off the system...

I won’t go into my rants here, but maybe in the blog area sometimes...

I am praying for Father GOD Yahweh to continue to supply my needs, teach, correct and use me if possible...

While I wait, I pray GOD Yahweh will allow me to serve area shelters through photography or other means. I have been homeless before and I love animals, so I have been looking into HUM (Halifax Urban Ministries) and a couple animal shelters. I am also looking to protest the corruption of this once great nation...

I am primarily seeking to know and hear GOD Yahweh’s voice. To be pleasing to HIM, to grow in spirit, knowledge, truth and love...

I know it will be an adventure, one where I may encounter both good and maybe not so good people and experiences along the way. I need God to show me how to place my trust in HIM completely, rather than myself. However, I have had trust issues with people of the flesh all my life. It’s hard changing an old dog.. especially (with a black dog shadowing me)... But if anyone can do it, Jesus can!

In truth, I can not, will not say I am doing any of this for the living God above... I do not want to deceive anyone, not you, not myself and especially not to think I can do so with the living GOD, but I do pray He may be glorified in this, in HIS way and that I may benefit in personal growth by helping those with a need. I wandered aimlessly through out my life from a early age... I have seen and been through many things and this is something that has been in my heart/mind for some time.. To bring awareness through photography or however the Lord Jesus would have me, to the problems in America. The hurting, neglected, the hungry, and corruptions. I am limited to what I can do, but as they say, "with GOD all things are possible"...

I am a slow learner and what I know I learned because of an interest in them and of course the normal stuff of reading, math and writing from school... I am self studied in photography, digital darkroom programs, building websites and general computer knowledge... I still have so much more to learn about and from GOD, but with so many preaching, teaching or spreading falseness in life how do I know what to believe, except I allow God Yahweh to teach me...

I would like to make myself available as a freelance photographer. I am willing to work for reasonably prices... I am willing to do events, photojournalistic styles, annibirtheries, anniversaries, funerals, special moments, you know... pretty much anything, but I would prefer not doing any weddings as a primary shooter, until after Nov 2105 when I will do my first one for my Niece. I just haven’t done any before and that is just too special of a moment for me to mess up trying right now...BUT if you are willing to take a chance I suppose I will if you really want.

I am trying, with my messed up past and in this messed up world, to put GOD Yahweh in everything... I really do wish that I would have started this in life so much earlier. I am 52 now, but for whatever reason I didn't allow GOD Yahweh to have much control until recently and now I want HIM to have complete control of it all, but I suppose I will have ta wait for Him, as HE kept me alive through two overdoses and waited on me for so very long...

I will do what I can to live as freely and trouble free, but I am depending on GOD Yahweh, and for HIM to send the ones I need and to send me where I am needed/wanted...

Time is short, the beginning to eternity is near... Jesus is fixin to return... I am waiting for the better things in this life HE will bring to me, but can't wait until the KINGDOM is to COME...

It's been in my heart, but I have been procrastinating on this particular move for sometime... I have been studying, learning and trying to find a niche with photography, learned to build this site (constant research, learning wordpress, then ultimatum, gantry and a few other frameworks, until I decided to finally go kinda old school and use very basic scripting languages.) It takes a bit more work(for me) and it has taken a lot just to get to this point... It has helped me keep busy, but also has hurt some as it took a lot of that time away from photography. But with it being basic html/css/js, it shouldn't require the constant updating like the wordpress, framework type systems and all the plugins required as I tried before...

Now I want to take photography out to the streets of America, locally to start... I'll be attempting to do street photography, portraits and fashion, along with the everyday things you kinda already see in the gallery... I am shy, reserved and timid, all a bad combination for a photographer I know... The camera helps me with my social anxiety disorders... So if ya see me on the streets, stop me and ask me to take your portrait... I'll be the one with a camera ;)

If I was to say the one regret I regret most in life, it would have to be...
My life before Jesus called me to HIS family!

Contact Me: Scroll Down For Area Shelter Info

Are you in need of a photographer? I am currently located near Ormond Beach Florida. I can usually be available with short notice at no additional cost... Comments and constructive criticism is always welcomed too.

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Homeless Intervention – HUM helps sustain – stabelize & shelter homeless Volusia County individuals and families with opportunities to confront the causes of homelessness in their lives and work towards self-sufficiency.

The Bridge of Hope - 316 North Street, Daytona Beach, FL HUM’s daily hot meal program provides over 140,000 meals to people in need each year. Each lunch is balanced with protein, >vegetables, fruits, salads, a starch and dessert, this is often the only quality nutrition our homeless guests have access to.

The Star Center – 340 North Street, Daytona Beach, FL HUM’s homeless intervention services include laundry, showers, case management, mail acceptance, ID applications, clothing, employment aid and computer access. HUM has forged partnerships to provide medical & mental health clinics, cold weather shelters and Traveler’s Aid.

The Star Family Shelter – 605 North Segrave Street, Daytona Beach, FL Provides emergency housing to over 250 families with children each year giving them a safe place to stay, access to all of the services listed above. The Shelter offers:

  • 24 rooms/94 bed spaces.
  • For families with children.
  • Provides up to six months of shelter for homeless families to get on their feet.
  • 3 Daily Meals
  • Day care coordination for children so parents can seek work.
  • Tutoring provided for children in shelter’s media center.
  • Classes provided to families on finance and family dynamics.

STAR Family Center

A Division of Halifax Urban Ministries
605 North Segrave Street Daytona Beach, FL 32114
Troy Ray, Executive Director Raul Gonzalez, Director of Operations 386.252.9400 ext. 11 People Matter to God!

If ya made it this far, please grab this
Free Download via dropbox, a full size, full res image here.

Blog: Where I may rant and rave.

18 March 2015

Remembering When

Today as I was reflecting on the places I went wrong and the things I am responsible for. The past is not something I try to dwell on much anymore, but memories do resurface... And I do need to face them.. From all the running and hiding I did from my past and the abuse to numb the pain...

This one I haven’ dealt with much in many years, but I was responsible for tending to the church yard as a young teen... It was a day or so before a service and I did the yard not that long before, however I suppose I didn’t do it properly as the pastor and youth leader were out cutting the grass and doing the trimming.. I am not sure why, but the elderly pastor took on the harder part of the duties.. Well he ended up having a heart attack and died.. To this day I still feel responsible for it... Some tried to comfort me, but I did fail to do my job properly... You would think that might have made me do my work in the future better, but it didn’t... I was already damaged long before this... A failure before the age of 8 and with life just getting worse.. Just passing on my stories because I have a difficult time dealing with and expressing myself. I was kinda raise as, a child is to be seen and not heard, type upbringing... I just pray eventually this site will help me and others in some way... Since God Yahweh took away my addictions of drugs, alcohol a few years past and now HE has taken away the final addiction of marijuana, the fog is being lifted and the past is beginning to be dealt with... This is just the beginning of my journey and I pray to continue writting more as GOD helps me through my pain...

Please visit my facebook page or drop me a message by using the Contact menu option.

17 March 2015

A trying week

It has been a very trying week for me mentally. I had a short discussion online about a problem similar to one of my problems and it brought up some tears... I have been praying for a breakthrough, but it doesn’t seem to be coming as I would want... I know it’s all in GOD’s time and not my own... It has just been so challenging that I have to stay inside now or I would probably end up visiting my supplier for some marijuana... I know it is God’s medicine, but as with most addicts I overly abused it, as I did with everything... I know in the past it did help to easy/block the mental pain, but I am trying to depend on God Yahweh alone... I probably could use some counseling, I pray the Holy Spirit would do this or bring one in the human form that would, but having trust and social anxieties issues keep me from seeking this myself.. GOD Yeshu’a (Jesus in english) is my Salvation and I pray HE be my strength... Please pray for me... GOD bless you and yours..

Please visit my facebook page or drop me a message by using the Contact menu option.

04 March 2015

Soon, very soon...

Life is about to end as we know it. I can’t say exactly when, but I am trying to live as if not today, then tomorrow! We will have great tribulations before HIS return, but we may just be about half way there...the next couple/few years will reveal a lot... I do not believe in a pre-tribulation, mid-trib rapture. I believe when we will be called up, it will be on the same day as HIS return... Otherwise HE has to do an about-face (with pre/mid-tribs) in the air and then return back to Heaven and then return after the tribulation to rule for a thousand years... so that would be like HIM returning twice... The Bible I read doesn’t say that.. However I do use the KJV, yours may read otherwise...

I want to serve my LORD and not man, however I may serve man by giving myself to GOD Yahweh for HIM to use for HIS good... I am not a saint or even close to being one... I am a SINNER, saved only by the grace of the Father, GOD Yahweh through HIS son Christ Jesus... I pray that GOD Yahweh will reveal to you HIS truths and not be deceived by man and religions... So many believe they can willingly continue in sin and just ask for forgiveness... NO, you must turn from your sin! Does that mean you will be sinless, no... but you are to refrain from sin... Ask GOD Yahweh to help you when you are faced with trial and tribulations...

I pray Yahweh’s grace and peace be upon you all, please pray for me too.. May GOD Yahweh bless you and yours!

Please visit my facebook page or drop me a message by using the Contact menu option.

03 March 2015

Fixed the site

Well it looks like most of the site is working. Look around, if you find any problems, have a bit of advice(site wise) or if you just wanna comment... Please do so on my facebook page or drop me a message by using the Contact menu option. Here a tweak there a tweak and the whole site broke... undo a tweak, fix the tweak and this is where it is... Being a newbie not interested in HTML/CSS/JS etc... The things I do because I love photography.... Probably should have just used a generic site like 500 or flickr or something, but noooo I had ta do it the hard way... I think it has something ta do with keeping myself busy so I don’t give into temptations... I hope you enjoy the site, it is by far the best I have done in my many attempts...

01 March 2015

Beginning of a change to come

It’s national site redesign month... NOT REALLY!!! I am just trying to learn, design and improved the site all at the same time... It’s not so easy. Hopefully soon...

Along with the changes in the site, I pray Father Yahweh will begin to change me more and more.. He has already done so much, but I still expect so much more...


This is where you can help me out if you were so inclined to do so... I am beginning a photography journey praying for GOD Yahweh to change my life for HIS good... Would you please give what you can, as I seek the Father, freedom and peace of heart and mind... I am not exactly homeless, I have a small rv parked at my niece’s for now, but I am and have been without work...

As a way to make ends meet, I do have images, photography and photoArt for sale as digital downloads Photography and PhotoArt and misc images here. Also I am available for your photography needs.

Just for checking out this area I am offering you a Free Download via dropbox, a full size, full res image here.. Monetary gifts are greatly appreciated...

Don’t have a dropbox account, then please use this link to grab an account, it’s free but by using this link I get a little more space by referring ya to Dropbox... Thanks
I am not a non profit so these gifts are not tax deductible... (TAXATION is THEFT!)

May the Living Father GOD above, Yahweh Bless you and yours...

I was asked recently for a mailing address. I do not have a bank account so cash or money orders are best if sending donations: Ted Petrovits P.O. Box 3434 Deland, Fl. 32721

I sincerely thank you for your generosity
comments welcomed